Welcome at Grockys Ltd

Grockys Ltd is a company that was started to serve the children of Kimbilio in Tororo – Uganda which is sponsored by Heart For Children NGO

The Grocky’s name is a selection of letters derived from the names of the founders Cor & Grace Koelewijn. It was born out of a need to ensure food security for our Kimbilio Schools.

It was unofficially started when the UMEME power distribution company in Tororo decided to switch of and remove the transformer in the place in Tororo town where all the Maize Millers were situated. This was due to the fact that they had been stealing power bypassing their meters at night.

This affected the operations of the Kimbilio Primary School which caters mostly for the orphaned children in the Tororo district. The options available were to take our maize to Mbale town for milling, or to purchase a diesel mill and do the milling ourselves. Cor & Grace, the directors decided it was time to start by purchasing the mill and solve the immediate problem. Later that year a mill-house was constructed and Grocky’s was born.

Grocky’s now does all the purchasing of maize and beans for the purpose of releasing it to the school kitchen in portions. This purchasing is done in the time just after harvest when the price is favorable. We then store the produce and release it as needed to the school. The price difference between harvest and dry season helps to cover the costs. A by product is the maize bran which helps feed our pigs and chickens. This again helps us to keep the price low and reduce the cost of running the charity school.

Even today, it is still our number one purpose to keep the operational cost of the school sufficiently low so as to be able to continue educating these orphaned children from the sponsor fees they receive from Europe. And so far we have been greatly successful in this.